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Are your car keys not working? Can’t find your car keys?

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Why Use Us to Replace Your Lost Car Keys?

Our mobile workshop means we can come out to your car and perform the work on-site, whether it be replacing a lost car key, replacing a broken car key or retrieving a key locked in your car. Your main dealer would require you have the car towed to their workshop.

You will be back on the road faster than your main dealer can likely manage. We aim to offer a same day service wherever possible. It’s probable that your dealer will not be able to fit you in for several days and you may have to wait for replacement car keys to be delivered from overseas.

We’re cheaper than the main dealers. Our replacement car keys and labour will be charged at a lower price and we will always endeavour to ensure your life is returned to normal as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Don’t panic, we’re here to turn your major headache into a minor hiccup. In most cases, we’ll have you back up and running in a matter of hours.

We know how it feels to experience that sinking feeling when you just can’t find your car keys anywhere or you realise you’ve locked your keys in your car. That’s why we get you back into your car in the fastest possible time, with zero hassle and absolutely no damage.

Whether you’ve snapped the key in the lock, had your car keys stolen, or simply need a replacement set of car keys cut, our professional team can visit you on-site in our mobile workshop and get you on the road again no matter what make or model of vehicle you drive.

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