Frequently Asked Questions


Q. My keys are locked in my car, can you get them out?
A. Don’t panic! This is a very common occurrence and we are trained in automotive lock picking, we will have your keys out without causing any damage to your car.
Q. How long will it take until I am back on the road?
A. As all jobs are different and present their own unique challenges it is difficult to offer a precise time, but we aim to complete jobs within a few hours of arrival.
Q. I've lost my car keys and I’m in a rush, how quickly can you help me?
A. This really depends on how busy we are! We do aim to offer a same day service and if you’re local we may be able to be with you in no time at all, it’s best to give us a call now and check.
Q. Will my car be damaged in the process of retrieving my keys?
A. No. Our procedures and equipment means we can get you back in your car in the fastest possible time with zero damage to your vehicle.
Q. My car keys have been stolen, what should I do?
A. Notify the police, particularly if you feel your car is at risk. Then call us. If your car keys have been stolen we can delete the old keys from the system rendering them useless. We can then program a new set for your use. The thieves will not be able to return and use the old set to access your car.
Q. My car keys are lost, what happens if I find them again after you've provided a new set, will they still work?
A. If you are certain your keys have been lost in a safe place then we can programme your new keys to the same data, thereby meaning your previous set will still work if you find them.
Q. I've broken my car key in the lock and now it’s stuck, what shall I do?
A. Don’t try and remove the broken car key yourself, you may cause more damage. Give us a call and we will safely extract the old key and cut you a new one, even if your current one is in broken in two!
Q. I spoke to my main dealer and they said I need a replacement ECU/Immobiliser, why?
A. If your main dealer is unable to fix an ECU/Immobiliser they will suggest a replacement at a cost of often thousands. Fortunately that’s not your only choice, we have the skills and machinery to fix these parts for a fraction of the price. Call us to enquire.
Q. Will you be cheaper than going back to the main dealer?
A. Yes, we will nearly always be possible to beat the price of your main dealer. Plus, it’s likely we will be able to help you faster, we aim to offer a same day service.
Q. Can you provide new keys for all vehicle makes and models?
A. It’s very likely. We are able to cover the majority of car and van makes and models. To make sure, please feel free to ring us and enquire.
Q. If you're fixing my car keys at the roadside how will I know it's you?
A. For your peace of mind we will arrive in a vehicle with Kent & Sussex Car Keys livery and present you with a form of ID.
Q. I am struggling to get the key out of the ignition barrel of my Nissan car. Can you help?
Yes we can, and at about half the price of the main dealer. We have various areas of specialty, and Nissan keys and ignition barrels issues is one of them.

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