What To Do When Your Key Gets Stuck In Your Nissan Ignition Barrel.

Dec 29, 2017


Some Nissans (Juke, Qashqai, Micra and others)  are famed for getting their key stuck in the ignition barrel. Even worse, it cannot be removed, even when the vehicle is switched off.

If this happens to you then the first thing to bear in mind is DON’T PANIC!

Whilst this is an inconvenience, it can be fixed by a decent auto locksmith.

Can Nissan Fix This?

A man holding two Nissan keys next to a car ignition barrel.The short answer is no.

Nissan is no longer manufacturing this particular ignition barrel so the best solution is to contact a reputable mobile auto locksmith.

As the affected Nissan vehicle models are ageing, this is becoming an increasing problem.

If you find yourself encountering this problem, please get in touch via the number on our website,

If you live not too far from Tunbridge Wells, we can arrange to have this sorted out for you. We usually aim to be with you as quickly as possible and get your naughty Nissan back on the road.