The Best Auto Locksmith Service Checklist

Jun 23, 2022


No one ever thinks about auto locksmiths until an emergency necessitates their services.

The trouble is, there are lots of vehicle locksmiths out there who claim to know what they are doing, when, in fact, they are not really geared or experienced to do a proper job. 

Let’s take a look at what auto locksmiths actually do and what you should expect from a reputable person in our industry.

What Do Auto Locksmiths Do? 

holding new car keys in front of a vehicle
A typical key fob duplication and programming job.

A good auto-locksmith is there to solve vehicular problems centred around entry to vehicles, starting the engine, and, potentially, ECU problems.

We can help you get you moving again, whether it’s for a simple lockout, remote or keyless entry problems, broken child locks, or any other type of lock-related issue. 

Simply call us, and we can help determine the cause of your problem and come up with a solution. We can also help you if you are locked out of your car; we offer an emergency mobile service so you don’t have to wait around or miss important meetings or appointments. 

Plus, any vehicle locksmith will offer free quotations over the phone, before ever coming out to see you. This avoids costly surprises! 

There are many advantages to using experienced, fully insured and self-sufficient mobile locksmith services. Let’s look at a few of those. 

Auto Locksmith Service Checklist  

There are many benefits to utilising the skills of a mobile auto-locksmith over dealerships and high street locksmiths. 

Unfortunately, dealerships are open at similar hours to your own working hours, making a visit to them an inconvenience that takes time out of your busy day. 

Dealerships, in general, are slower to fix your problem, cost more and give you a bit more stress. 

Here is are some examples of the benefits of using our mobile vehicle locksmith services:

  • Our fully equipped mobile vehicle locksmith service comes to you.
  • Non-Destructive entry: We can unlock cars without damaging them.
  • We are generally cheaper than dealerships and can usually book you in much sooner.
  • If you are broken down somewhere, we come to you, eliminating recovery fees.
  • Mobile locksmiths fit in around your schedule. At work? No problem. We work while you do. 
  • Specialised services are often offered by individual locksmiths, such as import vehicles or prestige brands.
  • We can help with complicated issues like ECU and ignition repairs that garages may struggle with. 
  • Auto locksmiths will cover almost all brands of vehicles. 
  • We bring everything we need to do the job. 

Auto locksmiths should be there to make your life easier without adding to the stress of things like car lockouts, lost keys or broken fobs. 

Knowing that you can be back on the road with just one phone call give your peace of mind when you need it. 

Contact the best auto locksmith in Tunbridge Wells! 

If you are in need of a vehicle locksmith and you’re within about 25 miles of Tunbridge Wells, then give us a call. 

You can contact Kent and Sussex Car Keys for a completely free quote.  Even if it’s just to let us know that you found our Auto Locksmith Service Checklist helpful.

Feel free to ask your local dealership or high street locksmith for a quote and we’ll almost always provide a better price. 

Plus, we come to you. 

If you are looking for the best auto locksmith service, then congratulations. You just found us!