Some of the strange places and situations people have lost their car keys

Aug 20, 2017


I get many different phone calls from people in various predicaments, including keys and babies or dogs locked in cars, people having borrowed someone’s car and called in a panic as they have lost their friend’s car key and many more, but here is a short selection of some of the weirdest or most memorable calls I have had.

Lady called me about six weeks ago stating she had lost her Renault Clio car key somewhere between the car on her driveway and the house in Tunbridge Wells. She had turned the house upside down, but for the life of her, could not find that lost car key! I popped along, made a new remote key for the Clio, and told her that if she were ever to find the remote key, to call me and I would pop along and reprogramme it for her. Fast forward about 6 weeks later, and I get a call from her – she had gotten ‘another puncture on her bicycle tyre’ and whilst she was changing the innertube, out falls the car key she had lost those few weeks ago – she must’ve somehow dropped the key into the outer rim of the tyre whilst fitting it back on!

I got called to a smallholding near Rochester as the man had lost the key to his Vauxhall Astra – he had driven there, had walked less than 50 yards and his car key was nowhere to be found! Dutifully, I made a new key for him and went on my merry way. About 2 weeks later, I received a phone call from him saying that he has found his key that he had lost – towards the bottom of a large vat of horse feed! He must’ve dropped it whilst feeding the horses, but was grateful that he saw it before feeding it to them!

One of the most memorable was in Maidstone when I got called out to a chap that had lost his car key to his Vauxhall Insignia – he had parked directly outside a friends house, had walked about 10 feet to the front door and somehow lost his key. I went out, picked and decoded the door lock, cut a new key from code and started the key programming process which takes about 10 minutes. Whilst the new remote car key was programming, a couple walked past with a dog and asked if this was my car, to which I explained what I was doing…. they then proceeded to say that they had found a key about an hour ago, and had put it between the windscreen and bonnet hoping that the owner would find it! At least the customer saw the funny side of it and ended up with a spare car key, which he didn’t have anyway.

Over time, I am sure more weird and wonderful stories will come about, so keep popping back for more news, stories and information – and if you ever need our services, please give us a call.