Who to pick from a Google search?

Feb 23, 2017


This week, whilst on my way to make a spare Ford Transit Custom van key for one of my large account customers in Maidstone in Kent, I received a phone call from a rather frantic customer who had locked his car key in the boot of his Audi TT convertible. Fairly standard call I thought. He asked me if I could get in without damaging the vehicle, which I told him I could as it is something I have done on many occasions in the past, so he asked me how long I would be to get to… Tovil on the outskirts of Maidstone! Well – as it turns out, if I had carried on driving on my route, I would have literally driven past him.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had a locksmith with him already who had been with him for over three hours and that he had just drilled a 2″ diameter hole in the boot of his pride and joy Audi TT to try and fish the keys out that way as he had had no luck when trying to pick the lock. I think the customer was lucky that I was only 3 minutes away according to my sat-nav.

The end result was that I had his vehicle unlocked in under a minute, new key made and programmed, boot switch pressed to get his key out of the locked boot, and the original key reprogrammed in under half an hour to his amazement.

Just because the advert states that they can do a job for you, doesn’t always mean the company you find on Google can – enquire a little further. Make sure you are happy and comfortable with what is being said to you, and never let someone do something that you feel uneasy or unhappy about. In this situation, the other locksmith should have admitted defeat and apologised to said customer and suggested he call someone else. But no – he carried on. We are able to get into 99% of cars in a totally non-destructive manner, we can make keys for most modern (and not so modern!) cars and vans the same day in the event you have lost or broken your car or van keys and if it is a non-emergency spare car or van key you need, we will endeavour to be with you the same day, but always within a couple.